Elevated Line Design


i d e n t i t y
Identity creation for Trinsic Interactive Logo for Buzzbait Logo concepts for Snapshot Chicago Logo design for Capital Results Logo design for Thelma Says Logo mark for BevFinder

s i t e   d e s i g n
Scarborough Research's - wwww.weknowthelocals.com Abbott Diabetes Care - www.MyFreeStyle.com site design Heritage Creek Website www.twentythirtyforty.net e-commerce site Homepage redesign concept for Realtor.org's online magazine Beachwalk Vacation Resort website - www.beachwalkresort.com

i l l u s t r a t i o n
Illustration for Thelma Says newsletter Illustration for buzzbait collateral Illustration for buzzbait collateral Postcard illustrations for We Know the Locals website desktop image created for buzzbait desktop image created for buzzbait

m o t i o n
INOC Flash presentation Echelon Animation MyFreeStyle Homepage Animation Heritage Creek website (archived) Ebay Motors Driving game Proposed Trinsic site - motion/animation study




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